The ChangeLog can be found in the LPRng archive (see Download Page for how to get it) but this is an extract of the NEWS file so you can see what we have been up to lately.

Version LPRng-3.8.29 - not yet released

This is the first release not done by Patrick Powell but by the new team to maintain LPRng. The project is hosted on sourceforge, take a look at
and join us on the new mailing-list at

The biggest change is the switch to using automake to generate the Makefile.im and cleaning the autoconf rules a bit. Most things should work just as before, with the following exceptions:

  • make install no longer tries to remove previous installed printing systems and to modify your system to run LPRng, you will have to do this yourself. Example files with descriptions can be found in the conf/ subdirectory of the source.
  • binaries are currently not made suid even if requested, that might be reimplemented in the future.
  • when configuring with --enable-nls less time is invested in finding a gettext implementation. You might need to give it some more flags when using a gettext not in your libc.

There is a new configure option --disable-remote to change the default to not listen via tcp and not accepting requests from remote hosts.

Otherwise a lot of cleanup has happened. Many compiler warnings quieted, prototypes added, format strings synced with format of arguments, some code and manpages with strange license situation replaced, local functions declared static, moving some code around to not have to link all lpd code in all other binaries...

Changes in versions before LPRng-3.8.29 can be found in the file CHANGES.
If that file did not come with your LPRng, you should be able to download it from: http://lprng.cvs.sourceforge.net/*checkout*/lprng/lprng/CHANGES