Contributing to the Project

LPRng is not maintained by a group of volunteers. We are always looking for more people to help the project out. Some of the things we especially need help with are:

Report Bugs

It may seem strange, but a good bug report always welcome. From that we can learn what is going wrong with the various programs within the package and improve LPRng for everyone.

Bugs can be reported on the Sourceforge Bug Tracker. Please try to include as much information as we will need to figure out what is going on. Bug reports only stating "don't work" really do not help anyone.


Both the manuals (man pages) and the programs ship with English. However with a little effort both can be translated into another language.

The programs use a system called gettext, which we obtain translations from the Translation Project. The current status of the LPRng translations are also found on the site. While it much better to send the translations through the project, if you prefer you can send them direct through to the developers.

Write Documentation

Good opensource code needs good free documentation and LPRng is no exception to this rule. Currently our Documentation page does list what documentation we have, but updating and fixing it is always needed.

Create Packages

There are already some packages for LPRng (see the Download page. However for the missing ones, we need package maintainers.

Other Assistance

  • Squeeze Code
  • Write Documentation
  • Port the code